Incoming Majors Guide

Sociology Majors

The Department of Sociology has faculty advisors who work with all students interested in majoring in Sociology, from freshman year through graduation. If you believe you are interested in majoring in Sociology you should attend the Sociology session at Orientation, contact the Sociology Department office at 328-6193 (Brewster A 411), or contact Dr. Bob Edwards our pre-major advisor. Advisors are happy to review your schedule with you and provide assistance.

First Semester Recommended Courses for Sociology Majors

This is a first draft of your schedule—you can finalize your schedule during orientation. As a freshman, you should only take 1000/2000 level courses. Keep in mind that full time is 12 hours-18 hours.  How much/little you take, is up to you!  Please refer to  the advising site‘s “degree plans” to see sample 4 year plans for every major. Also refer to the Undergraduate Catalog to see requirements for your major.

Sociology Courses for your First Semester

It is strongly recommended that you take SOCI 2110 (Introduction to Sociology) during your first semester.  This course is a prerequisite to many other Sociology courses. If you have difficulty finding an open SOCI 2110 section, consider some of the Department’s other freshman level courses (SOCI 1010: Race, Gender, Class or SOCI 1025: Courtship and Marriage).

Foundations Courses for your First Semester

In addition to a first Sociology course you should take a variety of Foundations Curriculum courses.  There are 42 hours’ worth of FC courses required to graduate—so get started!  These courses will also allow you to try out different disciplines to determine what minor or concentration you would like to pursue to finish your Sociology degree.  Your schedule should be composed of any combination of the courses listed below (your choice!) Examples of all of the FC courses can be found on Foundations Curriculum Courses.

Natural Sciences

Every student needs 8 credits of Natural Sciences to graduate. Below are some suggestions of sciences for Sociology majors.  You are welcome to take sciences not on this list, but be warned—those are typically for science majors and can be very challenging. Students interested in combining Sociology with a premed or other prehealth program should discuss this option with our advisors to ensure they choose appropriate science courses.

Sciences with labs (3 semester hours, 1 semester hour)

  • BIOL 1050/1051 General Biology
  • BIOL 1060/61 Environmental Biology
  • GEOL 1500/01 Dynamic Earth
  • PHYS 1080/1081 Physics and the Universe (astronomy)
  • PHYS 1090/1091 Physics of Sound

Sciences without labs (4 semester hours)

  • CHEM 1020 General Chemistry
  • GEOL 1700 Environmental Geology
  • GEOL 1550 Oceanography
  • GEOL 1600 Earth & life through time
  • PHYS 1050 Physics & Environment
  • GEOG 1300  Weather & Climate (Geography)


In order to graduate, you need to complete ENGL 1100 sometime during the first year (followed by ENGL 2201 sometime during the second year).  If you can get into ENGL 1100 for the fall, that is great.  If not, you can always take it in the spring.


Sociology majors need one MATH course to graduate. The Department recommends MATH 1065 (or MATH 1066 for Business minors), but students may take MATH 1050 (Explorations of Math) without taking the math placement test, if they prefer. Students are encouraged to take MATH during their freshman year.

Social Science

In order to graduate, you need at least 12 hours (4 courses—from at least 3 different areas) in the Social Sciences.  Feel free to take 1 or 2 social sciences in your first semester if you like those courses! SOCI will not count as a social science for Sociology majors.

Humanities and Fine Arts

In order to graduate, you need 10 credits or coursework in this area (at least one of each). Register for 1 course in the Humanities and/or one in Fine Arts (if you like more than one, feel free to take two!)

Health and Exercise

In order to graduate, you need to complete both Health 1000 (2 hours) and EXSS 1000 (1 hour) so feel free to add either or both of those to your fall schedule.

Foreign Language

Foreign language is required for one of the Sociology degrees (BA), but not the other (BS).  If you like foreign language and want to take it, the Department encourages you to take a language in your freshman year (especially if you have recently taken one in high school). Please see instructions on Foreign Language.

We will see you at summer orientation and answer your questions then! Have a great summer!